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Natural Personal Care

You’ve switched to natural deodorant and non toxic skincare, but have you thought about your most sensitive, absorbent body parts? Well, now you can have a healthier period with our range of natural feminine hygiene products.

Stay close to traditional products with organic tampons and pads. Made with certified organic cotton, so there’s no pesticide residues, and no other nasties like perfumes or bleaches. If you’re looking for reusable options, try a reusable sanitary pad like the ones from Hannahpad. They’re washable and reusable, last for years and they’ll save you money and keep waste out of landfill, too.

Menstrual cups like Lunette are a great alternative to tampons. They're made from medical grade silicone, they're comfortable to wear and you can wear them for up to 12 hours. They'll protect you from leakage, but there are no chemical absorbers, so they're much better for your body. Period cups last for years, too, so they're economical and so much better for the environment. 

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