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Toys for 2 year olds

When you’re choosing toys for two year olds, it’s important to look for toys that are open ended. That way your toddler gets to decide how to play with the toy. If the toy controls how to play, your child doesn’t develop imagination and creativity skills.

Hello Charlie’s range of educational toys for two year olds include many open ended toys. A toddler can play with wooden building blocks, a toy doctor set or a toy tea set in so many different ways. Pretend play or role play toys will help your toddler to learn social skills by acting out experiences or things that interest them.
It’s also important that you choose age appropriate development toys for 2 year olds. Your toddler might be able to play with a three year old toy, but the pieces could be a choking hazard because they’re small. If the toy is too advanced, your child may end up getting frustrated because they can't do it instead of being immersed in learning.
The best toys for two year olds are things like musical toys, simple construction toys like wooden blocks and puzzles, outdoor toddler toys, and ride on toys. All of these great toddler toys will help your two year old to release energy, and improve their motor skills and thinking skills.
When it comes to choosing toys for 2 years old, "boy or girl" shouldn't be part of the decision making process. Children will develop their own interests, so ignore gender stereotypes and let them explore.
If you’re looking for 2 year old birthday gifts, you can be sure that Hello Charlie’s range of educational toddler toys are fully researched so you know that they’re safe, non toxic and sustainable.
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