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Pure Essential Oils

Hello Charlie has a range of essential oil and essential oil blends for aromatherapy at home. All the aromatherapy oils that we stock are are high quality pure essential oils, with many organic essentials oils, too.

Essential oils for babies include The Oil Garden blends which are especially designed to be safe and gentle for baby. Try the Baby Sleep Assist, which is a blend of essential oils for baby sleep, or the Baby Protect for an antibacterial, natural immunity booster.

We’ve also got a range of electric aromatherapy diffusers, too. They’re all multifunction mist diffusers, and none of them use heat, so they’re all safe for babies and toddlers.

All the natural essential oils that we stock are therapeutic grade essential oils, and you can use them alone, in blends or make your own blends to help with headaches, fatigue or increasing your energy or mood.

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