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Carbon offsetting and tree planting

Hello Charlie is a climate positive workforce and we offset the personal footprint for every member of our team, whether they work in the office or from home. Another one of our goals is to plant a tree for every order that's placed on our website, and to offset 200 tonnes of carbon annually.

It's not enough to just plant trees, though. We want to make sure that what we do actually makes a difference. We work with ecologi, who practice responsible reforestry. That means that the trees are ecologically appropriate for that areas that they're planted in. It means working with local communities creates jobs and livelihoods for people in those communities. It also means that the trees are protected to make sure that they survive and grow into great big trees!

Projects supporting cleaner cookstoves

Similarly, the carbon offset projects that we choose are ones that help the environment, and the people that live in it. While there are a lot of clean energy projects like wind and solar power generation, we also support projects that help improve the lives and health of people. Projects supporting cleaner cookstoves, for example, help to reduce the amount of pollution and greenhouse gases being produced by burning wood as fuel. But it also means that the levels of household pollution decrease, which is much healthier for the families in those homes.

Every time you shop at Hello Charlie, we're creating greater impacts for good, together.

Our Commitment to Sustainability

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