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Sustainable Packaging

Sustainable Packaging Policy 

We commit to ensuring that by 2023 that at least 95% of the packaging materials we use are sustainable. By this we mean:

  • Recycled, re-used or reclaimed;
  • Recyclable; or
  • Biodegradable and compostable. 

As an online store, we have to use packaging materials to ensure that products reach customers in the best possible condition. 

Our preference is to use recycled and reclaimed packaging materials. This may mean that we use some plastic to pack our products. Our view is that while we work with our suppliers to reduce packaging and to use recycled, recyclable and compostable where possible, it’s better to reuse plastic packaging materials than it is to throw them away (or even recycle with REDcycle) after a single use. 

Where we can’t reuse packing materials or don’t have enough available and have to buy packaging, we choose recycled (and recyclable), compostable and plastic free packaging materials.  


Working with suppliers:

We also continually engage with our suppliers to improve the sustainability of the packing materials that we are all using. 


How will we implement this policy?

Since we started the business back in 2004, we have always repurposed and recycled packaging materials. We separate out whatever we receive in so that we can easily reuse. 

We are currently assessing the feasibility of buying equipment that will allow us to repurpose cardboard boxes into other packaging materials.

We are in the process of auditing the packaging materials that we currently purchase.


When will this be implemented?

This is already being done. 


What does the 95% mean? 

95% relates to the dollar value of packaging that we buy, rather than the volume. As repurposed packaging is already more sustainable than buying new, we do not track this. 



As we complete our packaging audit, it will be published on our website and available publicly. 


If you have any questions or comments about this policy, please email us at 

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