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New technology has leveled the playing field among large and small businesses so much in the last few decades that customers often have no idea what size company they’re dealing with. There are already so many software and hardware solutions at your disposal to help you compete with the big players, and now, you can learn to handle your own Big Data so you don’t have to hire third parties. The Complete Big Data Master Class Bundle is your one-stop shop for Big Data knowledge.

Even complete novices can start with the program’s Easy Introduction to Python, especially since Python is considered one of the easiest to learn and most versatile programming languages. This part of the Master Class Bundle in particular can be used to solve an enormous range of problems in web development, machine learning and data analysis.

If you have a distributed team of remote workers , Harnessing Hive teaches you how to leverage that distributed computing power. You’ll also learn how to create user-defined Python and Java functions.

Then you have seven courses that are designed specifically for you to learn how to manage Big Data by example . Plotly is a Python library that is easily accessible and simple to use, allowing you to make complex graphs with little programming knowledge. You’ll also learn how to visualize data using Bokeh, then move onto Matplotlib and Seaborn.

One course teaches you how to clean and aggregate data and more by organizing data in tabs with the pandas software library. Another course shows you how to use NumPy, one of the core libraries in Python’s data science stack, to organize enormous amounts of multidimensional data. And you’ll never be intimidated by Big Data again once you learn how to use Hadoop and MapReduce to efficiently manage and process vast amounts of data.

These courses are presented by Loonycorn, which includes tech experts, Janani Ravi and Vitthal Srinivasan. They’ve acquired their technological expertise while working at Google, attending Stanford, and working with a number of leading experts and technologies in the field.

Now, they’ve distilled complicated tech concepts into courses that are informative, engaging and practical. Students love them, with verified purchasers awarding the courses a perfect 5-star rating. One buyer named Andy wrote, “It is quite a detailed course. Happy to have purchased it!”

Learning the tech you need to run your business is easier than you think. Start learning how to wrangle your own data with The Complete Big Data Master Class Bundle , on sale now for just $29.

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